Sunday Serve Schedule

The information below will help you know when and where you're scheduled to serve for the next few weeks. If you have any questions or need to make a change please contact Pastor Seth or Pastor Katie.  
  • On days you are serving, please be here in time for 10:00am pre-service prayer.
  • Tap the position to see more info and a description.

July 31, 2022

Greeter:  Rachel K.
Coffee Host:  Susan R.
Nursery: Carol
Computer:  Peter R.
Livestream:  Justin

August 7, 2022

Greeter:  Justin
Coffee Host:  Melissa
Nursery: Lisa/Abby
Computer:  Farrah
Livestream:  Pastors

August 14, 2022

Greeter:  Carol P.
Coffee Host:  Vicki S.
Nursery: Sharon/Braden
Computer:  Shannan
Livestream:  Pastors

August 21, 2022

Greeter:  Melissa
Coffee Host:  Susan R.
Nursery: Brittany/Tatem
Computer:  Justin
Livestream:  Justin

Serve Position Descriptions


  • Arrive in time for 10:00am for prayer, at the door by 10:10am.
  • SMILE!
  • Make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome.
  • Red-carpet treatment for guests. Give each guest a welcome packet. 
  • Ask guests to fill out the connect card in the packet. 
  • Introduce guests to more people to help them feel connected.
  • Stay in the lobby for the 1st song of the service.

Coffee Host

  • Arrive in time for 10:00am for prayer, at the coffee station by 10:10am.
  • SMILE!
  • Serve coffee and other refreshments. Try to serve people instead of allowing them to get their own drinks/refreshments.
  • When the service countdown begins (10:27am), close the station and take all coffee & refreshments to the kitchen. 
  • Clean up coffee station and dump coffee at the end of service.


  • Arrive in time for 10:00am for prayer, at the nursery door by 10:10am.
  • See the posted info in the nursery or contact Pastor Katie for more info & training.


  • Arrive in time for 10:00am for prayer.
  • Before service begins, review the service schedule in ProPresenter and ask any questions about the service order. 
  • Be at the computer when the service countdown begins at 10:27am.
  • Turn down pre-service music when worship team begins playing. Turn on music immediately at the conclusion of the service.
  • Pay close attention to the service and follow along with slides.
  • Contact Pastor Seth for more info & training.


  • Arrive in time for 10:00am for prayer.
  • After prayer, ensure that the livestream is completely set up and ready to go. 
  • "Go Live" and being recording at 10:27am with the pre-service graphic posted.
  • Remove pre-service graphic and begin streaming the camera feed when the worship team begins singing.
  • Watch the screen closely and switch cameras to keep the speaker in the frame at all times.
  • At the end of service, end the livestream and end the recording. Power down all devices and plug all rechargeable devices in.